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Extended understanding of steering wheel lock

Dec 08, 2018

The mechanical anti-theft product is the simplest and lowest-priced one on the market. It mainly locks the steering wheel and control pedals and wheels to limit the operation of the vehicle, but it is actually difficult to completely prevent theft.

Wheel lock: Locked on the wheel, so that the wheel can not be rotated, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-theft. The advantage is that the wheel locks are generally very bulky and huge, and it is almost impossible for the car thief to damage the wheel lock body. They are less likely to remove the wheel that locks the wheel lock and change the wheel to drive the car away. The disadvantage is that the anti-theft performance of the wheel lock depends on the lock cylinder used. If the lock cylinder is round, inline, cross or other common keyhole, the wheel lock is not safe.

Gear lock: one type needs to rive a steel plate on the car body, and the other type is a common padlock lock body fixed on the steel plate. The advantage is that the gear lever can be locked in the parking position to prevent the car from being driven away, which is convenient to use. The disadvantage is that the safety is not enough. The car thief only needs to open the front cover of the car and slap the gears from the front of the car to hang up the car to drive away.

Steering wheel lock: It is the most recommended anti-theft tool for car owners when buying a car. The advantages are cheap, easy to use, emergency, and can be used as a weapon. The disadvantage is that the iron wheel can easily cut the outer circle or the spoke of the steering wheel to break the steering wheel lock.