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Headlight instructions

Dec 08, 2018

In the use of the car, the requirements for the headlights are: both good lighting and avoiding glare to the oncoming driver, so the following points should be noted when using the headlights:

(1) Keep the headlights clean, especially in rainy and snowy weather, dust and other dirt will reduce the lighting performance of the headlamps by 50%. Some models are equipped with headlamp wipers and sprinklers.

(2) When the two cars meet at night, the two cars should be turned off at a distance of 150m away from the headlights and replaced with low beam to ensure safe driving.

(3) In order to ensure the performance of the headlamps, the headlamp beam should be checked and adjusted after the replacement of the headlights or after every 10,000 km of the car.

(4) Regularly check the bulbs and wiring sockets and the presence or absence of oxidation and loosening of the grounding iron to ensure good contact performance of the connectors and reliable grounding. If the contact is loose, when the headlight is turned on, a current surge will occur due to the on/off of the circuit, which will burn out the filament. If the contact is oxidized, the bulb brightness will decrease due to the contact pressure drop.