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Maintenance of wiper intermittent

Dec 08, 2018

1. Use the wiper blade on sunny days to match the glass water, do not dry it.

2. Also clean the windshield when cleaning the appearance of the vehicle to avoid some dirt on the sand being attached to the wiper blade.

3. Regularly clean the wiper blade rubber scraper to avoid corrosion of the wiper blade due to excessive dirt remaining on it, and it will affect the cleaning effect.

4. In winter, if there is obvious snow or ice on the windshield, it is recommended to wipe off the snow or ice particles and then use the wiper to prevent the wiper from swinging on the snow surface and causing deformation.

5. After the rain and snow weather, clean the wiper strip with water in time to avoid corrosion of the wiper strip due to some harmful substances contained in the rain and snow.