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New installation method for automotive air spring

Dec 08, 2018

1. Before installing the air spring, apply grease (tire lubricating rubber) evenly on the upper and lower bases of the spring to reduce the friction generated when the new air spring is installed, and protect the air spring and its contact position from damage.

2. Place the new air spring on the dry surface, and firmly grasp the sides of the spring with both hands, and press the spring down to the volume enough to fit in the “upper and lower base” sections.

3. When installing, first combine the bottom of the air spring with the lower base, then adjust the top of the spring into the upper base. When the air spring is basically placed between the upper and lower bases, open the air pressure valve to inflate the spring, and the maintenance personnel need both hands to stabilize. The body is prevented from being over-displaced.

4. After 10-15 seconds of inflation, the air spring is inflated. At this time, spray the foam on the projectile, carefully check whether the newly installed air spring seal is good, and whether the projectile is damaged. If there is no problem, the installation is completed and the vehicle can operate normally.

This rubber air spring installation method saves time and effort, and can be completed by one person. I hope that everyone can gain something after reading it.