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Development Of Spark Plugs

Dec 08, 2018

With the development of the automotive industry, the performance of the spark plug is also constantly improving, in order to improve the quality of the gasoline engine, for example to improve the exhaust purification effect, the use of a wide gap spark plug (gap 1.0 ~ 1.2mm); to limit the car The noise of the electric wave has developed an anti-interference spark plug. In the past, the service life of spark plugs was very short. The car manufacturer stipulated that the car must check or replace the spark plug after driving for 3,000 km (or 6 months). With the improvement of spark plugs and related ignition devices, coupled with some measures of exhaust gas purification, the service life of the spark plug is greatly improved. It is generally stipulated that the car must be inspected or replaced after 10 000 km (or every 1 year). The spark plug of the platinum electrode has a longer service life and generally does not need to be checked and replaced within 100 000 km of the car.