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Headlight Luminous Intensity Requirements

Dec 08, 2018

In the vehicle, the luminous intensity is as follows: the two lamps are not less than 15000cd (candela), and the four lamps are not less than 12000cd (candela): the new registered car has a high beam luminous intensity: two lamps are not less than 18000cd (candela), four lamps The system is not less than 15,000 cd (candela).

With the development of high-speed vehicles, some countries have begun trials of three-beam systems. The three-beam system is high-speed high beam, high-speed low beam, and low beam. When driving on the highway, use high-speed high-beam; use on high-speed low-beam when driving on the road without oncoming or on the highway; use low beam when there is oncoming traffic and urban operation.