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How Does The Left Rearview Mirror Eliminate The Blind Spot?

Dec 08, 2018

Many people think that to eliminate the dead angle of the line of sight, try to adjust the left and right rearview mirrors outward or downward. In addition, some studies have shown that perhaps it is to be able to maintain a neat appearance at any time, perhaps it is eager to love, and many drivers adjust the central rearview mirror to put themselves in, and these are wrong practices, according to Professionals say that to get the most effective rear view angle, the adjustment according to Figure 4 is the most correct.

A normal driver can only see the range of 200 degrees left and right in front of the eyeball without turning back. In other words, about 160 degrees is invisible, relying on three small mirrors. It can cover the remaining 160 degrees, which is too "difficult to be strong"; in fact, the left and right rearview mirrors plus the central rearview mirror can only provide an additional visual range of about 60 degrees, then What should I do with the remaining 100 degrees?

Very simple, look back!