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How To Use Car Rearview Mirror

Dec 08, 2018

(1) When the driving route such as parking, starting, overtaking, turning, turning, etc. will change, first give the corresponding driving signal and must pay attention to observe the rearview mirror, and timely understand the traffic conditions on both sides and rear to prevent sudden appearance. The situation was caught off guard.

(2) Adjust the position and angle of the rearview mirror before driving. In the driving, due to the driving vibration of the vehicle, it is easy to cause the position and angle of the rear view mirror to change, which should be observed and adjusted in time.

(3) In places where there are many drivers, such as market fairs and intersections, it is necessary to move slowly and pay attention to the rear view mirror.

(4) When passing through narrow roads and narrow bridges with non-motor vehicles or pedestrians on both sides, slow down and pay attention to the rearview mirrors; maintain the necessary lateral spacing with non-motor vehicles or pedestrians.

(5) Pay more attention to maintaining the necessary safety distance with the vehicle in front, and observe and judge the following vehicle's distance with the rear view mirror. When dealing with the situation, do your best to avoid the rear-end accident.

(6) Before the predictive braking, observe the rear view mirror, pay attention to the position of the rear vehicle and the relative driving speed, and then decide the braking measures to prevent the rear-end collision during braking.

(7) When crossing an intersection, there are many traffic conflicts. It is necessary to reduce the speed of the vehicle, pay attention to the situation of pedestrians and vehicles on both sides, and pass the safety guarantee.