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N, H And M High-end Engine Platforms Weichai Leads The Industry With Strength

Feb 20, 2019

Recently, during 2019 SHIG-Weichai Power Business Conference, Weichai N, H and M high-end engine platforms were unveiled. Weichai comprehensively showed its latest technologies and R&D results of Weichai engines and displayed its confidence and strength of catching up with even surpassing the world first-class enterprises in internal-combustion engine industry in China!




N platform: new generation of light engine platform of Weichai

H platform: new generation of heavy engine platform of Weichai

M platform: Moteurs Baudouin high-end engine platform of Weichai

These three platforms have excellent performance, especially “high reliability”.

At present, the full series of N and H platforms have completed the layout of road CN VI and non-road CN IV products. These two platforms are leading products of Weichai in expansion of Chinese market. M platform high-end engine has entered the US market and became the first “engine” of Chinese internal-combustion engine to challenge the global market.