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Structure Of Automobile Wiper Intermittent Device

Dec 08, 2018

The wiper assembly includes an electric motor, a speed reducer, a four-bar linkage mechanism, a wiper arm spindle, a wiper blade assembly, and the like. When the driver presses the switch of the wiper, the motor starts, the speed of the motor drives the swing arm through the deceleration and twisting of the worm gear, the swing arm drives the four-bar linkage mechanism, and the four-bar linkage mechanism drives the rotating shaft mounted on the front wall to swing left and right. Finally, the windshield wipes the windshield by the rotating shaft.

Nowadays, there are two wiper arms in the car. The motor is usually one, called “single arm”, and each wiper has a motor called “single arm”. Some wiper arms also come with a glue pipe, which is connected to the scrubber. Pressing the switch will spray the windshield to the windshield. In some mid- to high-class cars, not only the windshield of the front and rear windshields, but also the headlights also have a small wiper blade to remove the dust on the glass of the headlights.

When the driver closes the wiper, the wiper arm often stops in the proper position, obstructing the driver's line of sight. To solve this problem, the wiper has a return switch that controls the wiper motor and stops the motor when the wiper arm is parked in the proper position under the windshield.