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Throttle Related Knowledge

Dec 08, 2018

The throttle valve is a controllable valve that controls the entry of air into the engine. When the gas enters the intake pipe, it will mix with the gasoline to become a combustible mixture, thereby burning to form work. It is connected to the air filter and is connected to the engine block. It is the throat of a car engine.

The throttle four-stroke gasoline engine is roughly the same. The throttle valve is one of the most important components of the EFI engine system. The upper part is the air filter air compartment, and the lower part is the engine cylinder, which is the throat of the automobile engine. Whether the acceleration of the car is flexible or not has a great relationship with the dirt of the throttle. The throttle cleaning can reduce the fuel consumption and make the engine flexible and powerful. The throttle should not be removed and cleaned. It is also the focus of the car owners.